Bright Star Elementary Children’s Garden
Bright Star Elementary Children’s Garden – “Education to Grow On”
Created in the spring of 2007 by Master Gardener Kathy Henry, the garden is now maintained by Master Gardeners Kathy and Marjorie Stansel. The star-shaped garden contains six raised beds, each dedicated for use by a different grade level.

Kindergarten – Rainbow Garden – Painted rocks in primary colors to form a rainbow at the point of the bed to coordinate with flower colors planted within the bed.

First Grade – Butterfly Garden - Flowers planted that attract and feed the butterfly at all stages.

Second Grade – Monet Garden -
Study of the artist and his art by planting flowers found in his paintings.

Third Grade – Vocabulary Garden – Flowers planted with interesting names to help build vocabulary.

Fourth Grade- Native American & Colonial Garden – Flowers and vegetables planted are native to America or originally brought by settlers.

Fifth Grade – Daffodil Garden – Planted bulbs in the Fall to sell the flowers in the Spring to raise money for their graduation.

Workdays – Wednesdays @ 1pm

These are the kindergarten children who painted rocks and planted flowers.
Children listening as Kathy Henry discusses plants in the garden.
Children ask questions of Kathy Henry and teachers listen.
Bridge built for the Monet Garden by Leon Stansel