Caution: Read all instructions before operating equipment.

1. Turn off computer and plug the Computer Driven Hammer into Com Port 1 or Com Port 2. If there is a mouse plugged into this port, remove and discard. You will not need a mouse after using this piece of equipment.

2. Reboot computer to windows... Insert floppy disk in drive a: and from the Start menu select Run. Type a:\hammer and press enter.
3. Follow instructions on screen, being sure to use enough force to fully destruct computer and all peripheral equipment. Pay particular attention to the CPU (big box) and any printers or other equipment attached to it.
4. Always wear proper safety equipment when operating this equipment.
Special care should be taken when operating around Computer monitor since implosion can and will occur upon striking this piece of equipment with the CDH!
5. If sparks or smoke issues from computer, the CDH is doing itís job well.
Remember, the total destruction of the offending devices are the main thrust of this device. The harder you hit, the more satisfaction you will incur!



If you have any trouble destroying your computer, just call Joan at: 1-800 HATECOM to speak to an operator or click on our website: for advice on the best way to strike your computer.
Phone lines are manned 24 hours a day, and our automated system of voice mail is guaranteed to drive you nuts!
We maintain a fleet of computers that you can try out your CDH at our conveniently located stores in all shopping malls. There is a computer store near you. It may not have our name on the door, but be sure that you can always come in and trash any computer in the store.

Remember, the Computer Driven Hammer is not sold through stores, and must be ordered from our toll free number or via our website. We also carry a complete line of other tools to destroy almost any type of equipment.