Merry Christmas from the Finch family,

I decided to make this letter as brief as possible with lots of pictures. It has been a year where God has turned problems into blessings or lemons into lemonade.

1. We lost our beloved Ladybird in Dec. 2007 and fostered 2 Cavaliers in April and kept Cricket.(on the left) (2.)

3. Tilly had her eye removed 2 days after Christmas, due to an infection, and is doing well.

4. My daughter-in-law became ill in March and later we found out Ben was on the way. He was born Nov. 26, which was my dadís and grandfatherís birthday. Ben weighed 8lb and 3 oz and was 20 inches long.

4a. I was able to go over to help out for the first week of his life so I enjoyed being with Henry, 3yr. and the rest of the family.

5. We had a hailstorm and a couple of snows. No damage from the hail!

6. Darlene is doing well and has been working with a personal trainer so she can get around much better.

Mother and Don are in FL. Mom is 85 yr and in spite of some leg problems, does very well.

We had a laminate floor put in which is wonderful.

7. And, after 52years, my cousin Jeannie and I had a reunion in Savannah in Oct. We had such a wonderful time. She is planning to visit us in 2009 and I canít wait.

Fred is still busy "retired." He does websites, yard work, and takes care of our 5 dogs and Darlene while I am at work.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.